Sunday, 2 April 2017

Monday Memo

- Recycle My Cell Challenge Begins: Students are asked to bring in a cell phone for the parade (assembly time TBD). Pagers are also accepted for the Challenge. There will be daily draw prizes. Each  phone a students brings will give them an entry into the prize draw.
- Due to an unforeseen schedule change on Friday we were unable to have our spelling test. The test will take place today instead. New words will be given out today for the regular schedules test on Friday.
- Phys. Ed. will be outside
- After school Activities:
  1. Mind up
  2. Outside Play
  3. Boys Choir

- After school Activities:
  1. Chess Club
  2. Homework Club

- Apple-a-Day ticket stubs and money are due back
- Phys Ed
- After school Activities:
  1. Reading Club
  2. French Reading and Writing

- Apple-a-Day fundraiser draws begin
- After school Activities:
  1. Creative Writing
  2. Computers
  3. Floor Hockey
  4. Mind-up
  5. Tennis

- Mass
- During Lent, there will be no meat served on Fridays in the cafeteria. The only pizza served will be cheese pizza and there will only be garlic fingers without bacon.
- Dictée: 1) printemps, 2) parapluie, 3) impermeable, 4) avril 

- After school Activities:
  1. Prayer Group
  2. Outdoor Play

- Our Grade 7- Level III  students will participate in The Western Regional Drama Festival at Xavier Junior High School in Deer Lake. All are welcome to attend!

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