Sunday, 30 April 2017

Monday Memo

- The Recycle My Cell Campaign ends: this will be the last day to bring in cell phones.
- Plastic Bag Campaign begins: Students are encouraged to collect as many plastic shopping bags as they and bring them to school. All bags collected will be processed and used to make new products. Schools that collect the most plastic bags for recycling per student and/or show their enthusiasm for the challenge and its message on social media, are eligible to win prizes to support environmental initiatives in their school or community. The top collector will win a cash prize of 5000$ (first prize 1000$, second prize 750$, third prize a bench made from 95% recycles materials).
- City Of Corner Brook Card board Cup Drive begins. In an effort to clean up that waste and encourage people to dispose of their cardboard cups in a more appropriate way, the City of Corner Brook is putting some value on those discarded cups. The City of Corner Brook will pay 5 cents for each used cup collected from City streets. The Campaign which runs from May 1st through to May 27th is meant to provide incentives to youth groups, schools, young people and residents alike who want to pitch in and help keep our City clean and litter free. In addition to paying 5 cents per cup there will also be 4 cups stamped and valued at $100 each (hidden among other cups) as an extra incentive for Campaign participants.
- Spring Photo Shoot  This is a full uniform day!
- Lunch will be at 11:15am. Students will be eating in their classrooms. Please take this into confederation when packing lunches as microwave access will be limited.
- May Crowning at All Hallows Church 12:00pm
- After school Activities:
  1. Homework Club
  2. Sewing Club

Assembly at 11:30am to honor our  K-6 success in the K-I-C Energy Contest sponsored by NL Light and Power. There will be a power point presentation of the entries and we will watch the videos of the classes who submitted the videos.We will be awarded a $2000.00 Technology grant. A pizza lunch will be provided.
- Grade 5/6 students will be hosting a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) expo in the cafeteria at 1:50pm.
- After school Activities:
  1. Chess Club
  2. Homework Club
  3. Gymnastics 

- Phys Ed
- After school Activities:
  1. Reading Club
  2. French Reading and Writing

- After school Activities:

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Computers
  3. Floor Hockey
  4. Mind-up

- Mass at 8:30am
- Dictée: 1) une arbre, 2) une fleur, 3) une feuille, 4) le soleil, 5) une graine

-  Public Viewing for the Western Regional Heritage Fair at CBI. 

- Second annual Dog and More Show at the school from 4:30 - 7:00. There will be a BBQ , a door prize and prizes for different categories.

Have a Great Week :)

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